Promotional SMS

Have you ever planned for promotional bulk SMS to promote your business? We are the trusted bulk SMS service provider in India and we can be a great asset to your organization which can help you spread awareness of your business about latest offers and deals. Promotional SMS is the most common phenomenon these days and to target both existing and potential customers to get this offer. It is one of the best strategies for your business.

Promotional SMS is actually a bulk SMS service to attract your customers at one click. If you are running a retail store, travel agency, or any business which meets audience needs, promotional SMS can be a good choice for you. Promotional SMS can be used in various ways to promote your products or services with sender ID or SIM-based SMS. You will need to create sender ID to send SMS at once.

These messages can add personal and professional touch to the customers and give special feeling when they get message. It further improves sales as people are rational in India. Once they get an offer from your business, chances are high that they would buy the product at low price even if they didn’t like at first. Along with radio broadcast and advertising, promotional SMS can help you in business growth. At, we ensure making the most of your efforts. When it comes to opt for aggressive promotion strategies, we are the best promotional SMS provider.