Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS method is very quick and efficient. You will be able to send messages to millions of users at one time. Once you register with Mobonair wireless, we will guide you through about the transactional SMS and help you to meet all your business need. You will also be able to interact with messages in a day as per your requirement.

The Transactional SMS is a gateway guarantee that your messages will reach to both DND and NDNC customers. Transactional SMS are sent for emergency services that include informational messages, booking and order alerts and most important OTPs.

If you are running any organization like financial institution, bank, or else which is based on transaction based model, you can go with our transactional SMS service to make most of your tasks smoother without making it harder for your budget. These days, people are using more and more smartphones. Hence, it is always wise to send messages to the customers on mobile phones and get in touch with them.

Transactional SMS is actually a message sent by organization to the customers to keep track of transactions which have been performed on their application or website. We can offer 24×7 delivery of such messages and it can be sent by a website or bank from where someone has bought service.

Transactional SMS is widely used to send SMS by banks to account holders about any transaction or change in account balance. If you are running a website which deals in service or product, you may definitely opt for transactional SMS so you can send order confirmation to the customers and inform them about the transaction.

When buying transactional SMS, you need to pick sender ID with six alphabets which can be used to send your messages. Once you finalize the sender ID, you can add several templates in SMS setting on the portal. Your SMS will be filtered by us on such templates. If your SMS body matches such templates, you can send it as transactional message. You can choose from different examples of transactional SMS. When you maintain communication, you can choose this service by

Features of Transactional SMS:

Time of Delivery – Transactional SMS works 24×7

Targeted Number – Transactional SMS can deliver a message to both DND and NDND numbers

SMS Templates – SGC approved predefined templates has been used in Transactional SMS

Source ID – Sender ID should include static Alpha-Numeric character

Gateway option – it includes high priority gateway and normal SMS gateway

Bulk SMS – Transactional SMS provides multiple SMS option to all client

Cost – Zero setup cost for transactional SMS


Make sure that Transactional SMS should have the 6-alphanumeric character of your choice and It should match with your business or product name.

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